Influences: T-shirt Archive 001 (Casseus Cartel)

From the age of 6 I used to spend all my Birthday and Christmas money on branded clothing, a real opportunist in the sales. In the social arena at school it always seemed important to own branded clothing. It was always sports brands which were most revered. Powerful marketing and sponsorship making them desirable, I even bought a random football top because it was Nike - with no connection to the team. Impressionable young minds looking to fit in. When I glance back at it, I was acutely aware of how clothing could change how you viewed yourself and how others viewed you.

This article of clothing is from around ten years later. It is from a brand once local to Aberdeen. It was actually co-run by a family friend. Why did I buy it? In part because I was in awe that someone I knew could perform such sorcery. Until that point I had no idea that independent clothing labels could exist. Obviously the mullet graphic was attractive too.

  • Brand: Casseus Cartel
  • Bought from: Attic Clothing, Aberdeen
  • Year of Purchase: 2005

What happened to the brand?

Around this time, I remember speaking to the family friend, really happy to announce that I bought and often wore a t-shirt from his brand. It seemed as if the passion had gone from the project as he announced, there's no money in it. He was offered a lucrative job in Oil & Gas and Casseus Cartel was no more. I am certain that the fall of the short lived label has a bigger story, this is my summary from memory.

The abandonment of creative passion projects for the money in Oil & Gas is insanely common here in the North East of Scotland. It is shameful that the city has been so focused on supporting a single industry for over 50 years. Thankfully there is evidence of this changing now.

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