Influences: T-shirt Archive 003 (Sixpack France)

In January 2010 I began working for Attic Clothing – an independent menswear retailer based in Aberdeen, Scotland. I did product photography, web operations and after showing my boss the flyers I was designing for clubnights, graphic design.

When I joined we stocked the American workwear heavy hitter Carhartt (separate from the original brand, operating under license in Europe). At this point it wasn't very popular in Aberdeen. I saw a lot of Carhartt product go in to the sale – plenty graphic tees which naturally I was delighted with.

Some other nice labels I worked with which made dope graphic tees were Garbstore, Maharishi, Loreak Mendian and of course Sixpack France. Some brands stayed and some disappeared after a season – it depended on how well they sold. A lot of the buying during my two years was tactical as the business expanded from two to three stores. It was planned so that we could gain  accounts with other more sought after brands.

I will always remember that Christmas feeling when nice new product would arrive at the warehouse and with nobody wanting to own the same clothes as another member of staff it was an advantage to be based there. I would then photograph the garments for the website and, in the process, get a good idea about the integrity of the detailing, fabric and construction.


  • Brand: Sixpack France
  • Bought from: Attic Clothing, Aberdeen
  • Year of Purchase: 2010 - 2012

Why did I buy it?

- Soft Fabric
- Silkscreen Graphics (I liked the gradient from blue to green).
- Nice detailing
- White tee - great for summer

Any criticisms?

The neckline curled over after the first wash - too narrow and flimsy.


This is something I have put a lot of time in to, product research and testing so that hopefully others don't experience the same frustrations as I have. See the sturdy neckline on my debut tee below and click on the image if you're intrigued.



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