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Independent artwork finding life on eco-conscious, high-quality clothing and paper.

 The brainchild of Miles Benzies, born after a decade in design, menswear and photography. Aiming to create a space where carefully considered products can breathe slowly to find the right customer.

If we are what we buy then it better be of good character. The products here are carefully sourced and ethically made and involving local business where possible.

Serious wares for silly people.

One branch of exists to organise and promote activities which support mental well being. Pabyan is a not for profit initiative which began in 2015 as a personal experiment - to create something positive out of anxiety. In 2020, seeking a dialogue around mental health, playful and educational workshops were organised, held and received positively.

Now, in 2021, the adaptation takes the form of printed matter (book/zine) in collaboration with Berlin based artist Rike Nickel. This is expected to be available in May. 100% of profits from pabyan products are fed back in to it.