Mark Making for Wellness: pen to stitch - Two part workshop - Sunday: June 18th & 25th

Mark Making for Wellness: pen to stitch - Two part workshop - Sunday: June 18th & 25th

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Where and when?

The Duthie Park
Polmuir Road,

Sunday: 18th and 25th of June
Between 2-4pm
Mark Making for Wellness: Pen to Stitch - Two Part Workshop


Mark making in art describes the different lines, dots, marks and textures that create art. It is the building blocks of art and can be used to positively engage us and help with maintaining our well being.


Workshop 1: Mark Making with Pen, 18th June 2 - 4p.m.

"This workshop invites participants to make something special from waste materials. Using the inside of packaging as a canvas prompts thought around what we consider waste to be."

What will I experience?

- it will make you feel a sense of calm through a safe and non judgemental environment, with good ambient music.

- it will show you how to create in new ways, whether you have an existing practice or not.

- it will teach resourcefulness and encourage a new way of seeing.

- it will make creativity more accessible for you.

- it may also spark conversations about health and wellbeing.


What happens at Workshop 1?

I will demonstrate to a few of the techniques which I use to make my pieces, as some interesting ways of making marks. Working with a single colour and a single method until the break to exercise your creativity with limitation. After 45 minutes we will have a break for refreshments / a chat. After the break we will begin again but this time with a different approach: you will be encouraged to use any way of mark making you can imagine, using any colour, texture, treatment you so desire. As the two hours come to a close I will photograph the fruits of your labour and we can talk about how it went.

The materials will be provided. However, if you feel comfortable too, you are encouraged to bring your own disused medical boxes. Sometimes having a personal object involved in the making process can make the experience more significant."


Workshop 2: Transferring the Pen to Stitch 25th June 2 - 4p.m.

We will use only second hand materials to transfer the mark making from Workshop 1 to textile using stitch. All materials will be provided free.

What will I experience?

-we will continue to create a safe space for wellness.

-we will show you how to create textile art with no prior stitching knowledge and from easily available second hand resources.

-you’ll learn the basic sewing stitch, running stitch and how versatile it is.

-running stitch is the basic stitch for mending clothes and sewing on buttons, so skills learned will be transferable and practical.

-you’ll be taking part in a sustainable sewing project, with all materials second hand.

-it will make creativity more accessible for you.

-it may also spark conversations about health and wellbeing.


What will happen at Workshop 2?

I will demonstrate how to transfer your pen mark making work onto textile, and then support your learning of running stitch. We will be using 100% cotton materials for the textile base and stitch. There will be lots of different coloured threads available. You may want to stick to the colours you used in Workshop 1, or mix it up and change things. We really want you to feel that you are participating in creating your own art with few boundaries on what you can achieve and with us there to support your journey.

During Workshop 2, topics such as sustainable fashion, textile art, wellbeing and clothes mending may arise.


Creative Practitioners:

Miles Benzies , Muiltisensory Artist and Designer

Miles has rich experience in many areas including Design, Photography and Music. He finds his voice by expressing with colour, rhythm and texture. His unique knowledge of processes and a focus on the overlap between specialisms give him both a unique perspective and assists him in helping others find their creative voice. He likes to find ways to create calm and welcoming spaces for people.


Eliz Willox, Textile Practitioner

Eliz works with second hand textiles to create individual art and teach mending skills for daily living. She has worked extensively in mental health services and is an advocate of utilising art to maintain positive well being.